How to get started

When life gives you lemons,


step 1

Surround yourself with high vibes

Making positive shifts is something that happens every day. But you don’t need to do big things – small shifts add up to major changes over time. Try:


  • Placing affirmations on the wall (get them free here)
  • Giving yourself the gift of working through our free coaching playbook 
  • Spending 2 minutes a day listing what you’re grateful for
  • Setting an alarm on your phone with a positive belief (e.g ‘I am enough’)
  • Join our coaching membership (coming soon)

step 2

Hang out with a supportive tribe

Sisterhood is SO important! Remember that saying ‘It takes a village to raise a kid’? Well, it takes a Tribe to raise a woman – higher.


Start working on YOU

This is going to sound blindingly obvious, but the best way to make changes in your life, is to work on YOU. 

You have to give yourself time. You have to give yourself space. You have to yourself love and acceptance. This is how you grow.

It doesn’t need to be big, it just needs to be consistent.

And you don’t need to do it on your own. This is precisely why we’re creating a low-cost monthly membership program, so that you can start working on you in a safe, consistent and supported environment, free of judgement and full of love. 

step 4


It might seem like a small thing to digest some new coaching tools and implement them in your life. But it’s not. It’s huge.

Every step forward you take in your own love for yourself comes out in love for others. You are changing the way the future will live. You’re creating a world where people – and the next generation will thrive. 

Celebrate that. 

Want to go deeper?