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Create spiritual and material abundance 

Unlike what most women are conditioned to believe, we are not bad with money – we’ve just rarely had the chance or encouragement to get comfortable with it and learn how to use it. 

Here’s news for you:

we CAN enjoy money,

– we CAN create wealth for ourselves,

– and we CAN be generous, spiritual beings,

at the same time

If you’re ready to finally get from where you are now financially to where you want to be, then join us online for this four-week, live, interactive course.


15 day me time transformational course

 Name one woman who doesn’t have a mean girl in her head – the kind who says things like:

‘You’re fat’,  ‘You idiot, why did you do that?’

‘You failure’,  ‘Nothing good happens to you’

‘You’re not worthy’,  ‘You’re not loveable’.

In these 15 days we’re going to learn to make friends with that mean girl, and transform her with love.

This will change your life.

Starts Monday 16th November 2020.

What’s expected of you? This is your time to show up for YOU. You’ll need to take 5 minutes a day to yourself, that is all.

How it works: After paying, please join the private FaceBook group (link below). Daily instructions will be provided there. Elisa will also be live in the group to coach and encourage you through, and answer questions. You can participate in the group as much or as little as you like.

We’re proud of you for doing this for you! 

hey you, 

you know you’re amazing, right?

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